Places to go!

Windows 8, what are you. I’ve made the jump to a new computer and everything feels a bit odd to say the least. I’ve been playing around, trying to get everything up and running. I just checked my emails (which you’ll be glad to hear still exist within the new OS)  and I had a message from my personal tutor at uni just saying “Congratulations! Fantastic news!”. All very nice, but a bit mysterious on it’s own. So I scrolled down, and right there is a message from my university telling me that my application for the Universitas 21 Undergraduate Research Conference has been successful. Which, in short, means they’re sending me to Shanghai this summer!

I only had the interview a few days ago; pretty standard procedure – crowbar myself into and uncomfortable pencil skirt, go and babble to the panel for ten-fifteen minutes and then come out the room a bit dazed and try and forget it happened. The interviewers told me that I wouldn’t hear until next week, so I was pretty surprised to get the email so soon!

It feels like I’m going to be all over the place this year. I’m writing this from a sleeping bag on the sofa at my Mum’s house in Somerset, where I haven’t been since Christmas. A couple of friends came down with me, and I’ve been hunting for “fun” southwest-y activities the last couple of days: yesterday we went to the beach at Minehead, ate chips on the seafront, played on the penny-pusher machines and essentially had the most cliché British day out ever. Hardly glamorous, but another place to have been – and of course I need to start sorting things out for my move to Switzerland, which is getting closer and closer..

Before that though, Shanghai! I’ll be spending a week at Jiao Tong University at a Food Safety Conference in July. Anticipate photos, blogs and maybe even a  ~vlog~. Who knows.


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