Preparing for U21 Undergraduate Research Conference, Shanghai

Image courtesy of Kate Ter Haar

Image courtesy of Kate Ter Haar

Everything seems a bit crazy right now – I can’t believe that this time in 3 weeks I’ll be in Shanghai! That is, if everything goes to plan. Flights are booked and my visa is on it’s way. I’ve got a 9 hour stopover in Amsterdam too, so I should have the chance to do plenty of exploring! Aside from that though, I am going there for a Universitas 21 conference. At the moment I’m putting together a presentation for said conference, which is on the theme of “Food Safety”.

Anyone who saw my guest post on The Tofu Diaries will probably be able to guess what I’m presenting on; I’ve been looking into meat production methods, their impact on the environment, and the alternatives available. You might have heard of the “In-vitro beef burger” created by Maastricht University last year – I thought this was really exciting!

This brings me on to the big ask – I want to know what other people think about this. Here is a three question survey on meat and meat alternatives. If you could spare 30 seconds to fill it out, it would be a massive help! In return, expect lots of exciting photos and blogs about Shanghai 😉 Are you going anywhere exciting this summer? Let me know in the comments!



  1. Natalie Tamara

    Best of luck in Shanghai! I’ll look forward to seeing lots of Shanghai-related blogging and photos. Hope you find time to enjoy lots of yummy veggie food over there too 🙂

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