Lab Boot Camp: Complete

It’s been a busy few weeks! Six days after my last exam and I was straight back in the lab, completing a “boot camp” for students taking an industrial
placement next year. This came to three weeks of synthesis, distillations and the ever-divisive titration (they’re not that bad, guys!) following which I feel pretty prepared for my placement with Roche.

There were times when the sun was shining and everyone else who had finished was out enjoying the weather, so a 9am start in the warm undergraduate labs didn’t seem all that appealing. Handing in my completed lab book came with quite a sense of achievement, though!

As well as being the last day in the labs, yesterday was also results day. Grim. Queueing up to get results is just the worst, so a few of us did our best to avoid it. However, it got to 15 minutes after the release time and we could wait any longer. Mine were okay – I got what I needed to carry on with my course – but I wasn’t thrilled. I did get some really good marks in some of my modules though, so I’ll take that!

Now I’ve finished with year two of University, I can focus on whats coming up next; In 12 days (!) I’ll be off to Shanghai! I’ve still got a few things to sort out before I go, but at least now I’ve got ample spare time. I’ve also got my last two days working with Hands on Science next week! I’ll be sad to leave (although I’m hoping to return in 2015) so expect an emotional blog post about that in the coming week…

In other news: As the latest incident in my war on gadgets, last week I inadvertently washed my phone – I’m talking a full cycle. Picture me, calling my phone to find it, getting no answer, and then turning around to see it going round and round in the window of the washing machine. Fab. Luckily it was on it’s last legs anyway, so I ended up upgrading. New toy, new apps, and I can’t stop playing around with all the photo editing software on it. I’ll leave you with my latest creation:



Did you get exam results this week? Let me know in the comments!


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