How to Build a Fangirl (Caitlin Moran at the New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham)


(This might not be of interest to everyone – if you’re not bothered, consider yourself excused!)

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Omg guys 😂💗

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In the way of proof, here is a picture of me grinning nervously while she hugs me.

Last week, I went up to Birmingham to see her live show with Anna of ALMSEE. Only a few days after flying back in from Shanghai (more on that later!) I wasn’t exactly keen to make that train journey – but it was more than worth it!

She opened the show by announcing that her new book, “How To Build A Girl” had made it to number one. By way of celebration, she shotted an M&S trifle; it was truly a beautiful moment. Then ensued an evening of shouting, feminism, and Catmo’s “Top 5 worst menstruation stories” (They are exactly as bad as you think. Without spoiling anything for anyone, Benedict Cumberbatch’s parents have white sofas.)

As someone who has read most of Caitlin Moran’s work (apart from the brand new book, which I am currently half way through!), I was worried that she might not have a lot of new material for the live show. I was wrong! The evening consisted of maybe 10% readings, and the rest of it was anecdotes, observational humour, and audience participation (ie, making everyone stand on their chairs and shout “I AM A FEMINIST!”) Brilliant. After the show she did a signing, so we managed to get hugs from her! It took ages to get to the front, as seemingly more than half of the audience decided to line up. How Moran managed to be so smiley and happy even after hours of posing for photos I don’t know, but credit to her for it!

During the second set, Moran talked about her technique of, “if you can’t do something, just pretend to be someone who can!”, and how throughout her teenage years, that person was Courtney Love. I think it’s fair to say that, for a few people in the audience last week, that person is Caitlin Moran.



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