I left my felt tips in England

I came across some old drawings on my hard drive and it made me realise something: I didn’t bring any of my pens or sketchbooks with me when I moved to Switzerland. My blog is already a mish-mash of topics, and is pretty much the definition of vanity publishing. So, all in the name of content, I thought I’d stick these pictures up here – they may as well be somewhere.
Ray Charles portraitRóisín Murphy portrait

Stoya Lyra PortraitCaitlin Moran portrait

Obviously any and all criticism is greatly welcomed! Balancing work and studies is proving a challenge right now, hence the slightly irregular posts. Saying that, my post about #shirtstorm has had a great response (thanks to everyone who took the time to read it!) so I felt I should post something!

I’ll be bringing my felt tips back with me from the UK next chance I get. Anyone else getting back into drawing? Say hi in the comments!


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