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Versatyl & Pilgrim Lessons Artwork

Behind the Scenes on the new Versatyl and Pilgrim Artwork!

Versatyl & Pilgrim Lessons Artwork

The artwork for Lessons from Versatyl & Pilgrim, which I had the pleasure of designing!

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been doing some work for New Street Records. Last week my position as Head of Graphic Design was confirmed for next year, which is great because it means I can spend more time messing around with fonts and crayons and calling it work.

Versatyl & Pilgrim of New Street Records

Versatyl & Pilgrim of New Street Records

I was lucky enough to collaborate with the brilliant Versatyl & Pilgrim on the artwork for their new single, Lessons/Underground Sound, which is out today! You can find it on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer and Beats Music, so there’s no excuse not to give it a listen; I’ll even embed the video for Underground Sound right here:

I had great fun working with the guys on this, and they were full of ideas. They have strong roots in Birmingham, but rap about global issues, and wanted something to reflect this.

Scamp Versatzl and Pilgrim New Street Records

Early days…

The final design took the form of a mixed media digital collage. The skyline in the top left incorporates some of Birmingham’s most distinctive buildings, including the Bullring, the BT Tower, the Custard Factory, and of course Old Joe. Surrounding the globe are social justice hashtags selected by the guys themselves, reflecting recent worldwide campaigns for change. The logo text is modified from a piece of street art produced for V&P by We created two versions – one for each track.


Alternate artwork for Underground Sound

All elements of the design (apart from the text in the bottom left corner) were hand drawn to “keep things organic”, in the words of Pilgrim. I had so much fun working on this – and the tracks themselves are great! If you want to hear more from V&P, you can find some of their previous releases here, including their Wax N Facts mixtape from last year. They’re one to watch!

Versatyl and Pilgrim New Street Records


I left my felt tips in England

I came across some old drawings on my hard drive and it made me realise something: I didn’t bring any of my pens or sketchbooks with me when I moved to Switzerland. My blog is already a mish-mash of topics, and is pretty much the definition of vanity publishing. So, all in the name of content, I thought I’d stick these pictures up here – they may as well be somewhere.
Ray Charles portraitRóisín Murphy portrait

Stoya Lyra PortraitCaitlin Moran portrait

Obviously any and all criticism is greatly welcomed! Balancing work and studies is proving a challenge right now, hence the slightly irregular posts. Saying that, my post about #shirtstorm has had a great response (thanks to everyone who took the time to read it!) so I felt I should post something!

I’ll be bringing my felt tips back with me from the UK next chance I get. Anyone else getting back into drawing? Say hi in the comments!